Senior Health Tips

Match Your Weightlifting Trainer to Your Personality

Have you considered hiring a personal trainer to boost your weightlifting results? It makes sense for a lot of reasons to reach out to a trained professional for help in this and many other areas of your life. When you need help solving a specific problem, you hire an expert that knows a lot in a particular area. You don’t try to handle any electrical tasks around your house, and you call a plumber when you have a water problem.

Why not consider the same strategy concerning your fitness efforts? Hire a strength training expert to help you in your weightlifting efforts. They can teach you proper technique, give you some tips to get reach your goals quicker and more efficiently, and help minimize injuries. If you pay someone for their weightlifting knowledge, just remember the following:

• Male weightlifting trainers are often overbearing, loud and “in-your-face”.

• Most female strength trainers alternatively offer positive self-encouragement and feedback.

How do you respond when someone tries to teach you with an aggressive approach? Do you find yourself performing better when someone uses more of a calm, nurturing, “hold your hand” teaching process? Does teaching style even matter to you, as long as you know you can reach your intended goals? energy

The tip here is to hire a trainer that is a good fit for your learning style. Ask around. Check out online reviews. Before you invest your hard-earned money in a weightlifting coach, make sure you choose one that is going to fit your personality and goal set. You will maximize your efforts and results, and enjoy the experience along the way.

2 – Why Women Shouldn’t Be Self-Conscious When Lifting Weights

Are you one of the many women who are self-conscious when they lift weights? When you are working out, do you feel like everyone is watching you? Should you have chosen a different outfit than the one you are wearing? Are you performing a specific strength training move in a sexually suggestive manner? Is everyone working out with more weight than you?

You need to avoid this type of thinking when you are weightlifting. Honestly, being concerned about what others think is something you should avoid in every area of your life in most situations. In the weight room a lack of focus can mean poor results at best, and a debilitating injury at worst.

A lot of women work out in a public venue. You don’t have the weights and fitness equipment you need at home, so you head to the YMCA, the local gym or the health club where you own a membership. The problem for many women is they become self-conscious the minute they start working out.

That unfortunately can keep you from achieving the results you desire. Bret Contreras is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Nicknamed “Mr. Glute”, he is known as one of the world’s foremost authorities on training and perfecting your gluteus maximus (your booty, for short). For 6 months he took detailed notes regarding his female clients.

One big take-away he spotted was that women were often too conscious about how they felt they were being perceived in the weight room. He also noted that this often times negatively impacted their performance and results. Remember why you are lifting weights, and realize that you are probably overly concerned about what other people think of you.

In most cases they are busy with their own strength training efforts, and your concerns are unfounded. Worrying about what others may or may not be thinking about you in the weight room can mean a longer road to the results you’re looking for, and could lead to an injury due to lack of focus. Slide10

3 – Save the Gossip For After Your Workout

Picture this. You are in the middle of attempting to lift your maximum weight. A bit of juicy gossip comes to mind. While you should be focusing on form and the willpower it takes to achieve your new maximum weight repetition, you decide this is the perfect time to start chatting with your friend.

You would never catch a man attempting this. When men are lifting weights, they are extremely focused in most cases. They don’t run their mouths while they are working out. On the contrary, this is a rather common practice for a lot of women in the weight room. They will chat literally in the middle of an intense lift, which is not a good idea for a number of reasons.

The first consideration is obviously safety.

Lifting heavy weights can be dangerous, even in the best situation. Your focus should be entirely on your form and the weight you are lifting. Whatever you have to say can definitely wait until you have safely finished that repetition (and set for that matter).

The second problem here is sloppy form.

Weightlifting professionals, male and female alike, would never consider talking while lifting. The more physical and mental concentration you apply to your lift or movement, the better results you are going to achieve. Remember, form is everything when strength training.

If your mind is wandering in the weight room, what are you doing there in the first place? Remember why you are strength training. Is it to lose weight? Are you getting ready for bikini season? Are you just tired of feeling sick and tired? Whatever your motivation for lifting weights, save the chatter for later and focus on the task at hand. Your results will improve and you lower your injury risk.